Thursday, October 21, 2010

Controlling the Population Growth Rate

Recently I have been doing a lot of research on population control, particularly in China. China has had a "one-child" policy set in place since the 1970's to prevent rapid population growth that the country felt they could not handle. Fines are put on families with more than one child, and this has led to numerous abortions, particularly female fetuses. This has also led to forced sterilization in some areas. The policy has done its job though, curbing the population growth rate to almost nothing. This made me wonder, "what if something like this happened in the U.S.? Would we ever get to that point?"

If the United States got to the point where if the population rate continued to increase to the point where we would possibly run out of resources to sustain everyone, what would we do? Since having a "one-child" policy pretty much goes against everything this country stands for. Should we take a firmer stance on birth control for adolescents? Or offer tax incentives to people with smaller families? There are many ways we could try to curb our population growth. I do not think that many people (especially people with children) would go for it. But if you knew that our country was heading for its downfall, would you want to do something about it for future generations?

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