Sunday, October 31, 2010

Violence Against Women

Domestic violence it not something that only affects women. It affects their children as well. A long time ago, domestic violence was not recognized. Women would come in to the hospital after being beaten by their spouse and then just sent home for the same thing to happen all over again. New laws have helped  to reduce domestic violence today. President Obama gave a speech concerning the issue of domestic violence and what he (and others) plan to do to help the victims. Women and children are not only in physical danger, but many women simply can't afford to leave. Sometimes their husbands will have them so tied up in debt that they cannot afford to make it on their own much less afford the legal expenses to keep their children safe. So that is what president Obama and some of his advisers are working on. They are currently working on connecting women with jobs and helping them save money and rebuild their credit. Secretary Donovan at the Department of Housing and Urban Development is currently working on new rules that prevent victims of domestic violence from being evicted or denied assisted housing because a crime was committed against them. The Vice President and the Justice Department are also working on new rules that help victims get access to lawyers that will do their case pro bono. The Justice Department is also working with judges and other law enforcement officers to make sure that protective orders are issued and enforced against victims abusers.


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